Connecting Youth Through Film
19th-24th November 2012, Nairobi

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The Mathare Youth Film Festival is the first of its kind in Kenya. MYFF is a youth film competition, but apart from the daily screenings, MYFF will also be a  five day workshop, where youth from the Nairobi slums will be taught the essentials of filmmaking.

A key idea in MYFF is to screen films about slum areas around the globe - from Indian slum suburbs and Mongolian ger camps to Brazilian Favelas and South African townships. The diversity and similarities of the films will shed some light on what life is like being young and living in a slum or underdeveloped area in 2012. The vision is to paint a more updated and less bleak picture of the lives of young people coping, enjoying and living in the slums of the world.

Since 1997, the MYSA Shootback program has been one of the most successful art and education programs in Nairobi, Kenya. The idea is to teach children and youth from the slums how to take photos and make films about their lives from their own perspective. The Shootback youth are given an opportunity to tell their own stories, using their imagination and developing their skills and creativity.

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